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  • NEW UFO 90W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Red & Blue 8:1 (90*1W) For Flowering
  • NEW UFO 90W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Red & Blue 8:1 (90*1W) For Flowering
  • NEW UFO 90W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Red & Blue 8:1 (90*1W) For Flowering
  • NEW UFO 90W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Red & Blue 8:1 (90*1W) For Flowering

NEW UFO 90W LED Plant Grow Light Panel Red & Blue 8:1 (90*1W) For Flowering

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    * CE, FCC, RoHS Certification * 2 Years Warranty

    UFO 90w led grow light red&blue 8:1
    LED Parameters
    LED Type BridgeLux
    LED Wavelengthd(nm)Or Tc(k) Red: 630   Blue: 460
    LED Color Red and Blue (8:1)
    LED Configuration 90 X 1W
    Type Unit Parameters
    Working Environment °C -20~40
    Storage Condition °C -40~85
    Work Frequency Hz 50/60
    Limited Voltage V AC:85-265
    Input Current A 0.45-0.9
    Lumens Lm 3380
    Output Power W 90
    Lux(centre ) LUX 118/2.5m, 80/3m, 55/3.5m
    Height above the Plant Meter 2m /2.5m /3m
    Lighting Time Hour 10-16
    Lifespan Hour 50,000
    Size MM Dim 275*60
    Package Size MM 310×310×110
    Weight KG 2.3
    Plug Type USA,European,UK,Australia,etc
    Ancillary products Parts Hanging hardware

    Light wavelengths, proportion and power can be customized for your plants and aquatic products growth.

    LED Grow Lights Features:

    1. No UV, provide different wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants.

    2. Hanging above the plant directly, promotes the plant growth, budding, and flowering, promote plants photosynthesis.

    3. Supply energy or supplemental lighting for the plants.

    4. Save 85% power consumption comparing with traditional high pressure sodium and metal halogen lights, save money for users.

    5. LED lights life is up to 50,000 hours, 3-5 times than the lifetime of high-pressure sodium lamp.

    6. The built-in cooling system (temperature-controlled fan) can solve the heat dissipation problems pretty well.

    7. Our common light ratios are 8:1 , 7:2 , 7:1:1 with the mixture of red , blue , orange and white lights, or customized as your requests.

    8. Adding Blue LEDs lights can easily enhance vegetative growth, Red LEDs lights are good for promoting the fruiting and flowering stage. Our suggestions on the wavelength are red (620-630nm), red(640-660nm), blue (450- 460nm), blue (460-470 nm), Orange 610nm. You can choose the wavelength and color ratio which is most suitable for your plant growth.

    9. The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments, according to specific parameters.

    10. AC85-256V wide voltage, suitable for the needs of different countries.

    11. Wide application and can be used in greenhouse cultivation, flowers, vegetables, plants.

    LED Grow Lights Applications:

    1, Suitable for Hydroponics & Horticulture & Greenhouse

    2, Can be used for the vegetable greenhouse and botanic garden.

    3, This item also can make the flower in blossom longer, so it can be used for the flower exhibition.

    LED wavelength corresponding effect of plant growth:

    280 ~ 315nm, on the morphology and physiological processes with minimal impact.

    315 ~ 400nnm (purple) ,chlorophyll absorb less. impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation.

    400 ~ 520nm (blue), the proportion of chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption maximum, the greatest impact on photosynthesis

    520 ~ 610nm (green light orange), pigment absorption rate is not high

    610 ~ 720nm (red or infrared), chlorophyll absorption is low, the photosynthesis and photoperiod effects have a significant impact on.

    720 ~ 1000nm ,absorption rate, stimulate cell extension, affect flowering and seed germination

    If you want know the LED Grow Lights detailed information,please view below:

    Red leds is conducive to extend the flowering period ;

    Orange leds make the flowers more brilliant,precipitation pigments,such as to make tomatoes more red and fulness.

    Blue leds is conducive to growth of leaves

    Red and blue: uniform growth

    Red and blue orange :leaves, blossom and bear fruit all is right!

    760nm wavelength LED to reduce the flowering response, regulate the flowering stalk length and flowerseason,in favor of cut-flower production and martet.

    Red and orange is the best effective of photosynthesis listed,the plant can grow faster,but internode tall,and stalk thin delicate

    Blue-violet light can make the plant stocky growth.

    The UV line which inhibit the plant are leggy, It’s the best role for offering lighting and make the plant are stocky.

    LED Grow Lights Panorama Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Detail Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights


    LED Grow Lights Bright Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Scene Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Accessories Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Packing Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Production Environment Photos:

    LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights Packing List:

    LED Grow Light 90W*1

    Hanging hardware

    Service Commitment:

    2 years warranty

    Tariff/ Customs Tax:

    1.Import duties, taxes and charges are NOT included in the item price or shipping charges. The tax is buyers’ responsibility.

    2.If necessary, you'd better check with your country’s customs office about the customs duty/tax before order, thank you!

    3.Due to the product is excessive weight, so it can not be free shipping, please select DHL mode of transport with thanks.

    Certification Information

    All our products have been CE FCC RoHS certification

    CE FCC RoHS certification

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    Recent Review

    1. By gulath_svke

      It actually is not hanging above the plants but is almost standing in front of them. I use it for specific plants, so they will survive the winter (my room has no direct sunlight), and in the spring they can go back to the gardenhouse :) TKS!

    2. By GeneTIt778

      It came on time ,nicely packaged,very well made of all metal with a heavy duty grounded cord and it works GREAT! Thank you!!!

    3. By Janet_Ray

      The light worked really well! Steve did a good job helping us too! My family like it also.

    4. By shorshao

      All I can say is this light is ****ing awesome! The internode distance is only 1/4 of an inch, they are dark green and very healthy with very dense growth. I am extremely happy and my friends will be buying this light after seeing what it will do.

    5. By david Philipsz

      .....At first I was hesitant to buy this LED Grow Lights, but in final I decided to buy it have a try.When I got the lights I place the LED grow lights incredibly close to my plants since it doesn't get any warmer than room temperature.

      It won't burn my plants. And the closer the proximity, the greater the intensity of light. They cover this area perfectly with good penetration.

      The fans are fairly loud but not annoying.

    6. By strepirra


    7. By magnof

      I actually purchased 2 other lights from another seller before I decided to purchase here. I just have to say: Buynicer blows the other seller out of the water! You have a really good product here.
      Thanks for the time and effort put in to making this for us.I like your price, and I will recommend u to my family and friends :)

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